TIME Magazine Top Inventions 2018

TIME Magazine Top Inventions 2018

I got the email pop-up mid-meeting with a very important customer.

I broke out in a smile that I couldn’t hold back and had to ask for 30 seconds to open and read it:

“Dear Adrian,
Congratulations – your….”

Was all I could see in the pop up that came up in the upper right hand corner of my screen on the projector as I was presenting.

“Guys – this is big” I said, we just won TIME Magazine’s Top Inventions of 2018″

A congratulations was in order and at the time it was almost unbelievable. Three days later it was on the newsstands – all across the country-and the world.

“This is pretty much as big as it gets” I realized – there was nothing to hide behind, no sense of false humility of “oh it’s just XYZ award” – this is international, public facing, general consumer level big deal.

After one of the most challenging years of my 9 year entrepreneurial career – this was an excellent point in time to mark the end of an exceptionally challenging year.

I’m humbled and proud at the same time – and so thrilled of the exceptional team at Solgaard, helping bring the pieces together to make these crazy ideas of mine work – and look amazing.

Original Post from TIME – http://time.com/collection/best-inventions-2018/5455672/the-carry-on-closet/ 

Follow on: How I used Tilt Brush to design the Carry-On Closet in VR: https://vrscout.com/news/tilt-brush-time-magazine-2018/ 

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