Stopping the tap on ocean plastics

Stopping the tap on ocean plastics

The statistics are shocking. 80% of the 17 billion pounds of annual ocean plastic comes from just 10 rivers. Half of that from just one river – The Yangtze river which goes through 7 countries and exits China near Shanghai into the Pacific Ocean.

Near the exit point of the river, there is a span that’s only 2.5 miles wide.

Let’s start there, scoop out as much trash as we can, and upcycle it into something worthwhile.

It’s really that simple.

In Early 2020 we’re planning to launch some major initiatives to crowdsource ideas around this and pressure the international community to step up and tackle a 2.5 mile stretch that pollutes an average of 10,000bs per minute into the ocean.

It’s one of my life goals to be a part of cutting ocean plastic in half within the next 3 years.