Taking aim on the next few years

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking lately about my larger goals in life and life’s purpose – I’m approaching 35 this year and the realization that 50 is as close as 20 is f*cking with my head in the best way.

My journey towards sustainability started in 2014, when I wanted to get involved in wind or solar energy somehow – but it was too daunting to approach it at any major scale. In 2016 I launched Lifepack, a solar powered backpack – and then quickly directed my focus to ocean plastics. It was attainable and a place where we could make a real difference at Solgaard. To date, we’ve prevented over 15 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean. Ocean Plastic is simple – it’s not political. Everyone understands that littering is an issue, we’re taught that as kids.

As I have dug deeper into sustainability, C02 seems to really be the biggest issue facing the next 20 years – especially the next 5 years we as a global society need to get some big projects going. The ocean is massive for carbon capture – but with the massive amount in the atmosphere, we gotta step up our efforts with re-wilding it and giving ocean health a boost.

I’ve now approached the stage of adulthood where I’ve been through some major challenges, and gotten through them, and I’m equipped as I’ll ever be to take on massive challenges. Yes, I’ll keep learning more and more forever, but I’m now at the point where the “but you’re too young” crowd finally doesn’t have a voice anymore.

WITH THAT – I’m laying out what my plan for the next 5 years is.

Continuing with ocean health as a focus – both continuing our efforts with ocean plastic, but also I want to get involved with kelp and seaweed farming as a major carbon capture project.

I want to also create a platform of transparency for people to understand which brands are doing what they say they do, and hold the most polluting companies accountable to a higher standard to repair the damage they’ve done already.

This is just a quicky note for now, trying to put my thoughts and plans into the world and hold myself accountable to these goals.

LET’S GO. If you want to get involved, send me a DM on Instagram.